"Pamela Griffith is an artist whose work follows a great tradition, the tradition of craftsmanship and technical excellence which she applies to her decidedly contemporary work. In painting, drawing, printmaking and design she strives for work which is both artistically satisfying and technically masterful. Pamela is an acknowledged teacher much in demand. Her disciplines cover oil and acrylic painting, watercolour, portraiture, and printmaking". Professor Joanna Mendelssohn, College of Fine Arts, University of New south Wales



Pamela works from 2 studios. In the painting studio she has superb natural light, and space for her several easels, painting trolleys, drawing boards and watercolour tables. She has several works in progress at any one time.







In the printmaking studio, Pamela has a ventilated wet room for her acid etching work, a motorised and hydraulically loaded etching press for printing plates up to 120 x 80cm. This press is also used for collagraphic prints, woodblocks and linocuts. Her lithographic press has recently been relocated from her intaglio studio. 


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