International Artist Publishing Presents
"Australia - an artist’s journey through the landscape" by Pamela Griffith
Standard Edition


The first print run of 3,000 has been a phenomenal success of art publishing in Australia. It has been embraced by the local population, by tourists, and by government and commerce for prestige PR gifts. Limited numbers are still available from the artist.  

This book is for Australians who have always wanted a painted memoir of this country but have never been able to find one. It is also for people who are visiting Australia and want a memento that is neither slick nor superficial.

Australia - an artist’s journey through the landscape by Pamela Griffith is a high quality, beautifully designed, oversize, 168 page book that contains a blend of art representing the Outback to the Beach, from nostalgic, romantic landscapes to brilliantly accurate etchings of flora, birds, animals and reptiles in their home state environment. Accompanying text describing Pamela’s experiences exploring each state, as well as some interesting and colourful historical anecdotes, makes Australia - an artist’s journey through the landscape a complete experience. It is neither elitist nor intimidating. It rather reflects Pamela Griffith’s belief that Australia is an egalitarian society whose people respond to art that speaks to them.

Pamela Griffith’s book needs no angles. It was not done in 24 hours, from a plane, from a boat or with her eyes closed. Australia - an artist’s journey through the landscape by Pamela Griffith is simply a selection of the best images from the impressive life’s work of an artist who decided to paint Australia in a way that everyone who lives here will instantly recognise as being true.

Nothing is dressed up, underplayed or phoney. When you study Pamela’s painting of sheep grazing among the purple blooms of Patterson’s Curse in rural New South Wales, you feel as if you know the exact paddock, the exact windmill and the exact rusting water tank. In an instant you remember the dry heat, hear the drone of insects and feel the crunch of dried up grasses beneath your boots. It is such complete honesty of presentation, and the artist’s ability to create a magnificent artwork from something so mundane, that is this book’s charm and its major strength.

All the unique details that set every state in Australia apart have been truthfully woven into works of art that are remarkable in their insight. Pamela records all the little realities that have been so far been overlooked by other artists — you will appreciate her fresh insight in many paintings — a stand of scruffy swamp trees, a patch of Christmas Bells on a coastal heath, wildflowers growing in the dunes beside the beaches of our youth. Pamela manages to transform each simple subject into a hypnotic painting with such ringing authenticity that it makes you smile and nod your head because the images represent pages from your own life in Australia.

Available from Griffith Studio and Graphic Workshop for $49.95 plus postage.

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